here’s a quick volleyball drawing. i now realize there’s a bunch of things wrong with it factually, but damn is it an attractive sport to draw. the jumping and hitting, the speed, the verticality, the suspense °A°

armor study

quick cosplay color study, colors in the shade are so difficult =_o

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QuestionHi Hannes, I found out from watching interviews on One Fantastic Week that most of them were only able to get jobs from actually meeting art directors in person at conventions, was that true in your case as well, particularly for MtG? Also it'd be awesome if you could get on that show! Answer

i’ve never actually met any of my art directors. i think that might be the case for most illustrators since we’re spread all around the globe *_* i think if your portfolio shows that you can consistently deliver what a client is looking for you will get jobs even if you can’t afford flying to conventions

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QuestionFor a intermediate artist (non pr quality, not a beginner either) what ratio of studies to portfolio building do you think is healthy? Answer

hmm i think the best approach would be to get really good, then make a portfolio. mixing it and doing portfolio pieces that you’ll have to throw out seems like a waste.

that being said, it’s not like you’re going to spend three months just doing finished paintings, as it’s exhausting and very little fun. so i’d stay, go get skilled, throw in a finished painting every other month to get used to it, and then when you’re getting closer, do three or four more and send those off.

landscape study, practicing brushwork *_*

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QuestionHow much a day do you sleep? Answer

Eight hours, no exceptions.


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QuestionWill you go out with me? ;) Answer

that depends! are you “unrealistic” by tumblr’s standards?:D