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QuestionHi! Been following you for a while and you're awesome ♥︎ ♥︎ Also I saw in one of your replies that you have tendonitis, which I also have ;__; and I was wondering how you deal with that? Like when it gets particularly painful, what do you do to relieve it? Do you do anything special with your grip? (Because the way I hold a pen is very conducive to tendonitis ;___;) Thank you! Answer

i actually managed to cure it completely. tried physiotherapy and medication, none of which helped. doctor suggested surgery, which i was against as the risk is too high. what i then did was change my work habits as i mentioned in the earlier post, and pick up rock climbing and weight lifting. that did it. haven’t had any problems since then. you do have to put in the time though, and have enough self discipline to respect the limits your body sets you. after a while of good training and recovery you’ll be back at full strength, but you can’t rush it ahead of time

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QuestionWhat do you think is a recommended amount of hours to draw a day without getting hand injuries but still improve? Answer

that also really depends on how you draw. this is something i had to learn the hard way (tendonitis ;_; ). basically if you turn off pressure sensitivity in your brush settings, you can paint by just lightly touching the tablet, putting much less strain on your hand. same goes for drawing - use an ink pen or fineliner, something that doesn’t require you to push down as much as a pencil does. that way your hand is more or less safe and you can draw a lot more

Finally managed to do a video tutorial! Check it out here!

Selz (with Paypal!)


Covers the entire process from start to finish, focusing on getting your vision over into reality.

here’s a new painting and finally a video tutorial!

http://selz.co/1ru1c8S <- Selz (with Paypal!)
https://gum.co/KaCW <- Gumroad

rough landscape study

quick rough study in between things, trying to get along with the basic round brush

here’s a quick volleyball drawing. i now realize there’s a bunch of things wrong with it factually, but damn is it an attractive sport to draw. the jumping and hitting, the speed, the verticality, the suspense °A°

armor study

quick cosplay color study, colors in the shade are so difficult =_o

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QuestionHi Hannes, I found out from watching interviews on One Fantastic Week that most of them were only able to get jobs from actually meeting art directors in person at conventions, was that true in your case as well, particularly for MtG? Also it'd be awesome if you could get on that show! Answer

i’ve never actually met any of my art directors. i think that might be the case for most illustrators since we’re spread all around the globe *_* i think if your portfolio shows that you can consistently deliver what a client is looking for you will get jobs even if you can’t afford flying to conventions